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Club Fitting

Having the proper equipment is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle in achieving a well rounded game. We use the industries best equipment to ensure that you receive the proper equipment. The Foresight GCQuad's versatility allows us to use the indoor simulator as well as an iPad outdoors. This creates the ultimate club fitting experience. 

Foresight Launch Monitor/Simulator

The Foresight will track ball data such as:

-Spin Axis, Ball Speed, Launch Angel, Spin Rate, etc.

The Foresight will track club data such as:

-Attack Angle, Club Path, Face Angle, Contact Point, etc.



Launch Monitor

Callaway Fitting Studio

The Callaway Fitting Wall will include all the latest Callaway equipment from wedges to driver along with multiple shaft options. This will create the most thorough Callaway Fitting Experience in the area. 

Callaway Shaft Analyzer uses Tempo, Transition Speed, Swing Speed, and Closer Rate to identify the correct shaft. 

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