With cutting edge technology paired along side hours training around the country on all aspects of the game as well as over 2,500 hours of experience, Mitchell Moore Golf Instruction can work with you to improve any and every aspect of your game. 

V1 Golf Video Swing Analysis

  • Three HD USB Cameras to capture slow motion video as well as live stream video

  • The program also host a large library of Tour Swing for side-by-side comparison 

  • Feedback and Review Videos are sent after lessons

Foresight Launch Monitor and Simulator

  • The Foresight Launch Monitor and Simulator allows the golfer to enjoy the high tech feel of an indoor simulator as well as on-course and driving range work.

  • Launch Monitor tracks data measurements such as: 

    • Swing Speed, Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Spin Rate, etc.

  • Launch Monitor tracks golf club data such as;

    • Attack Angle, Club Path, Dynamic Loft, Face Angle, etc.

BodiTrak Pressure Matt

  • The BodiTrak Pressure Mat tracks the player's pressure on each foot along with the player's center-of-pressure.

  • A pressure trace is generated to display the center-of-pressure throughout the swing

  • Operates through the V1 Golf System and is synced with the video.

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